Employee Advantages
According to the Sixth Annual MetLife Employee Benefits Trend Study 2008, employees value voluntary benefits more than their employers recognize.  They appreciate the following:
  • The ease of payroll deduction
  • Improved underwriting of voluntary benefits at the workplace
  • The convenience/time-saving of accessing voluntary benefits at the workplace
  • Improved premiums of voluntary benefits at the workplace
  • Better customer service through the employer sponsored plan
“Without the Cancer Policy, we could not have survived.  Losing my husband’s salary to a minimal disability payment was putting us further and further behind.  I had forgotten about the policy.  A co-worker reminded me that I had the policy and should check into it.  This was the beginning of a very close relationship with Donna Troxell and Theresa Reinecker.  Donna came to my office and helped me fill out all the insurance papers.  I was in no condition to even think about paperwork.  Within a few weeks, we received our first check for the diagnosis and various procedures that had already taken place.  Donna and Theresa kept in touch with me weekly and as additional things occurred with Fred, they guided me to what paperwork was to be turned in…  Now having been a victim to this horrible disease that seems to be taking over our world, I can only say that the minimal cost each month does not compare to the benefit.  I never wanted the insurance because I did not want to profit from someone’s illness.  It was not a profit but more of a Godsend.  I encourage everyone to really consider this policy.”
Kay, Municipal Employee

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