Our objective is to ensure that our clients are given the
best options
currently available in the market!

  • Carrier Due Diligence. Direct meetings with Carrier Home Offices:  These meetings with the top voluntary benefits carriers involve extensive review of their products and their administrative and service capabilities.
  • Following Current Market Trends. We then continually monitor the carriers’ ever-changing products and underwriting offers.  Our CEO, Melissa McClain, sits on the advisory boards of many of these carriers, and regularly consults on product development, enrollment technology and underwriting standards.
  • Assessment of Client Needs. Review of Client Requests:  We begin with a review of how the client may best incorporate voluntary benefits into their overall benefit strategy.
  • Takeover Business.  We provide a smooth transition by formulating an underwriting offer that ensures no harm to those currently insured. 
  • Proposal Preparation.  Request for Proposal (RFP):  We distribute the RFP to carriers outlining the client’s need for voluntary products and related services.
  • Negotiation of Underwriting Offers.  Given our proven track record and volume of business with the top voluntary carriers, we receive some of the most competitive offers in the industry. 
  • Client Presentation. Analysis:  We offer a full analysis that reviews product, underwriting, service capabilities and value-added services.  Complete Solution:  We present an innovative, customized solution to the client’s benefit and communication needs, including both products and services.  Review of Implementation:  We explain the full process of a voluntary benefits program implementation.  Client Service Guarantees:  We explain and provide client services guarantees.

“There’s a way to do it better.  Find it.”  -Thomas Edison

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